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The quickest and easiest way to get links to your web page

The quickest and easiest way to get links to your web page

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links to your web page

1) Finding directories (article and blog directories are the most common) and submit your website to them (using your link with keyword phrase as your anchor text of course)

2) Add very good information to your web page. If you have a web page with great information or even a long list of ways your prospect can benefit, other web site owners will want to link to your page. This is how you can get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of links.

3) Content swap with other website owners. Contact other website owners and see if they want to exchange blog posts for example. So you give them your blog post for them to use on their site (with your link to back to your website), and you use their blog post on your site (with a link back to their site). In this case you have both added more valuable information for your website visitors and you have both gotten a link. So it’s a win-win-win:)

links to your web pageSpeaking of good content for your website visitors, how long your visitors are on your web page also has an affect on your Search Engine rankings. So by giving a lot of good content to keep your visitors coming back and staying longer each time will help your rankings also.

links to your web pageAnd of course, what we have discussed here is for one keyword phrase. You would repeat all this for each keyword phrase…. that’s what keeps your SEO consultants busy for the whole time.
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