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How to Create an SEO Friendly Website

How to Create an SEO Friendly Website

Developing and building a high-end or a proficient website might not drive you enough visitors and traffic to your website. To get more traffic and search results you need to make your website search engine friendly and have to optimize accordingly. Search engine optimization improves your websites visibility in various search engines and that will ultimately drive more clicks to your website. Adding right keywords is not enough to make your website appear at the top. SEO friendly website starts from the design to the content of the website. These are the few tips to make your website boost visibility in search engines.

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  1. Website URL: When you plan to build a website then the primary thing you have to decide about a user-seo friendly website URL. Have a swift research with regard to this. Search for the keywords which have more search results and go for those keywords with your brand and create a website. This will help your website to come top in search engines.
  1. Keywords: Choose your keywords sensibly. Don’t go for the keywords which have good competition. Go for the keywords which have less competition and good search volume. That should be our prime target to optimize our website for those keywords which our visitors are using more frequently.
  1. On-Site Optimization: After a quick keyword research go for an apt and precise on-page optimization factors for your website. Adding keywords to your website title/description which is meta tags and also tags to your images will increase the credibility.
  1. Link Building: You can focus on attaining few backlinks from good sites. Don’t over-do with backlinks because these days after the latest update few sites got penalized for bulk link building and content duplication. So be alert with regard to the over-optimization.
  1. Content: Content should be user and also seo friendly. Seo friendly doesn’t mean that you have to add keywords in your content everywhere. Don’t stuff your content with keywords instead use some good long tail key phrases which will also result in short term keywords too. Updating the content frequently will also help your website to get crawled fast in search engines.
  1. Design: Supplementing flash or java plugins with text on the page will be the apt suggestion. Search engines doesn’t crawl flash images.
  1. Over Optimization: we usually lean to believe that doing more and more on-page and off-page optimization will bring quick results. Then it’s a “NO” to over optimization. Optimization is mandatory and good but it should be in optimum. Don’t over optimize with lots of keywords, backlinks, content etc,. Over optimization will result in “Sandbox” which means penalization of our website and it takes three to six months for our website to be literally out from “Sandbox”.

Follow these simple steps to have a quick start with your website. This will help you to rank your website well and good for the focused keywords for your visitors. Increase your clicks, traffic and visitors to your website with simple seo tips and techniques.

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