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Motivating search marketing stories for this week

Motivating search marketing stories for this week

Google is highly busy these days doing several interesting experiments nad tests regarding hotel jobs istings and reviews. And talking about “Bing” re-vamped its homepage to give a new interactive look.

These days Google is all set to focus on the Hotel reviews

 SEO specialist Sergey Alakov discovered the test last week, exploring its implications in a post on his personal blog. The test shows a new review carousel that merge reviews from third-party sources like Expedia and

 Other than this a new portal being introduced for job listings to help users.

 SEO and Moz-affiliate Dan Shure broke the test via Twitter last Friday with a screenshot of a Knowledge Panel-esque feature for active job listings. Clicking through results in an expanded results page which allows segmentation by industry, title, type, location, company type and employer. 

Speculators were quick to spell doom for the recruitment industry, with one contributor linking to a Google Hire page.

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Now talking about Bing has its story behind its homepage pictures.

Big is trying to fetch an eye catching variation in Homepage looks when compared to Google’s simplicity by adding more innovative background images.

One of the popular article from an “SEO Blog” states that BING homepage now displays images and also provide the option to share, download the images from social media.

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Google proclaim a new audience solution for Search and Shopping

In Google+ posts, the Google Adwords account shows that now their audience feature would be available for “Search & Shopping” 

Here’s the full text of post

“Remarketing lists for search ads help you reconnect with people who’ve been to your site, but engaging both new and loyal customers is just as important to your business. Starting today, we’re rolling out similar audiences for Search and Shopping along with Customer Match for Shopping to help you use your own data to reach the right customer with the right message”

Google also confirmed in the latest announcement that it won’t de-grade or demote a page which is linked t0 404 page, which is kind of relief to the link building of a website.

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