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Firstly, let me clarify what SEO means.. just in case you don’t know. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
So the first thing to know when learning how to drive traffic to your website with SEO is to know that you will be optimizing the page (or blog post) for one keyword phrase, while including some minor keyword phrases on the page also.
So to start with, all we need to know popular keyword phrases that ideal customer would search in the search engines.
Then you will need to create web pages, blog posts and videos focused around those keywords phrases. But you would focus on one main keyword phrase at a time.

So you would choose one phrase, lets say “how to learn Spanish” and you would use that phrase in key areas on your page or blog post. You would also use some of the other keyword phrases as secondary keywords to show the search engines that you really are talking about the right topic.

There are two parts to SEO, and they are…


Basically this means the things you can do on your page. So obviously this is easy to do because you control it.
SEO experts know how to use the keywords rightly for your page and over-using the words to avoid “keyword stuffing” that results the search engines to not rate your page or blog highly.

Remember on site SEO does help with your rankings, but not so much, so whether you do a little or a lot, it would affect your rankings too much. So don’t go crazy with all this, do it naturally and if it means not doing much (because your keywords phrase doesn’t fit into the text on your page very well, that’s fine). It’s better to do not enough than too much on this side of things because as I said earlier. If you over do it, the Search Engines will penalize you.

drive traffic


drive traffic

This is the key to the game because this is out of your control.

Off-page-SEO is everything that affects your page rankings that are not on the page. The biggest influence in your web page or blog post ranking are links to your page or blog post. So the key is to get links from other web pages or blogs.

Some key points to consider when getting links from other web pages or blogs.
1) You should get links from pages or blog posts that are on the same topic. You will not get any search engine ranking benefits if your website is on learning Spanish and you get a link from a page on dog training.

2) A one way link is better than a 2 way link, but 2 way links are still better than nothing. What I mean by this is, if you can get a link from another website without linking to them (1 way link), that is better than if you link to them also, but doing that is better than nothing.

3) Use your keyword phrase in your link. So when you get a link from another site, if you know about it (some people link to you and you don’t even know it), either ask or request them to use your keyword phrase as the ANCHOR TEXT (the words that are the link). Quite often the ANCHOR TEXT is “click here”.

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